Teeth whitening

We are the complete guide to get whiter teeth by teeth whitening. Dreaming of the perfect Hollywood smile? Do you want to have white sparkling teeth? You don´t have to dream anymore, now there is a solution and it is neither expensive or complicated. There is now a days a wide range of different teeth whitening products that make your teeth whiter.

Previously dental clinics and dentists were the only ones allowed to perform teeth whitening. Now you can perform a teeth whitening at home with equally good results at a fraction of the cost. It is the same active ingredient as used by the dentist that comes with the so-called "home bleaching". A tooth whitening kit consists of whitening gel, mouth trays and instructions. Some also send an extra mouth tray, a shade map for you to better view the results as well as a storage box for your mouth trays.

It was not until the 1990s that tooth bleaching became a serious breakthrough in public. By then, the techniques developed to the point that it was possible to buy the home preparation kits and whiten your teeth yourself at home. There was a minor revolution. Those who could not afford to go to the dentist and whiten teeth had previously had to accept his or her yellow teeth. Now they could suddenly get the same white teeth as the elite of society. Today all kinds of people whiten their teeth. Both men and women of all ages use of bleaching products for home use. We all want to have white and beautiful teeth, and never has it been so easy. Modern kits are becoming safer to use. The products has been developed steadily and is becoming easier to use. The only requirement for success is a good health status of their teeth and that the manual should be reviewed thoroughly.

Almost all healthy individuals without any injuries and diseases of the oral cavity can conduct a home tooth whitening. The exception may be people who for some reason has a very thin enamel on their teeth. A person with a root canal should consider whether bleaching is an option. It is possible to avoid that particular tooth in the bleaching, and it might be good to do for safety's sake. Also a root canal tooth is very sensitive, and should be treated with caution.
Some time before bleaching it may be wise to avoid food products and beverages that provide additional stain to your teeth, like coffee, tea and red wine. This also applies to smoking and snuff. For best results, it is also better to avoid products during and after treatment as well.

Different products have different concentrations of bleach in the gel. This means that they can operate in different lengths of time without interruption. Some bleaching kits can sit in all night, while the more concentrated preparation only to sit for an hour or two. To get a good result, while being gentle on your teeth, it is important to read the instructions very carefully before treatment. If you have any concerns, it may be wise to contact the company in question to get answers.